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custom jersey
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<p>Zygi Wilf might have to pay millions of dollars.Ap while browns owner jimmy haslam is working through a scandal with his pilot flying j company that potentially could cost him the franchise he just bought, not much has been mentioned recently about the trouble in which vikings owner zygi wilf finds himself.As the newark star ledger reports, wilf could have to pay tens of millions of dollars to former business partners as it appears he likely will lose a two-Decade old civil case.Already, new jersey judge deanne wilson has ruled that zygi wilf, his brother mark and their cousin leonard committed fraud and breach of contract while violating the state's racketeering statute also known as rico.The case has lasted 21 years and gone through four judges, and wilson will rule in the next two weeks about the wilfs' punishment.The plaintiffs had claimed that the wilf family members didn't pay them their fair share of revenues from a large apartment complex which they all co-Owned, and they alleged that the wilfs' bookkeeping practice were similar to organized-Crime-Type activities.Said wilson:There was a consistent, pervasive method of removing funds so they would not reach the partners.More from the paper:The partners, ada reichmann of toronto and her brother, josef halpern of brooklyn, the longtime former on-Site manager at <the>apartment complex] rachel gardens, are entitled to compensatory damages, punitive damages, triple damages under the rico statute, a redistribution of revenues dating to 1992 and reimbursement for their attorneys' fees, wilson said.The bad faith and evil motive were demonstrated in the testimony of zygi wilf himself, wilson said.Wilf's candid and credible testimony detailed how he felt reichmann got too good a deal, and he reneged on the arrangement initiated by his uncle, harry wilf, back in the 1980s, when construction began on rachel gardens, wilson said.The plaintiffs have asked for 51 million in compensation.The vikings told the minneapolis star tribune on tuesday that the judgment will have no effect on the organization or on the team's stadium-Building plans.Follow josh katzowitz on google+</p>
<p>“Well, now it’s ’86.We’re playing in the meadowlands in the playoffs again.Walsh tries to pull the same thing.Calls the ref over.‘Our phones are out.’ I am pissed.So i have one of our guys go over to talk to walsh.I say, ‘tell him, if he doesn’t stop this, i’m gonna expose him after the game.’ Guy goes and tells Walsh.Miraculously, the phones get fixed, suddenly.</p>
<p>"He has it in him,"Faulk said about cleveland's second-Year star. "It's in him to be great.He wants it. "Richardson and Faulk had a chance to catch up and talk some football wednesday after practice.Faulk, who currently works as an analyst for the nfl network, was at cleveland's training camp to report on the browns, who are counting on richardson to build off his solid rookie season, when he rushed for nearly 1, 000 yards despite playing most of the year with two broken ribs.The two backs have known each other for a few years and richardson has long admired Faulk, one of the most versatile backs in league history.During a 12-Year career with indianapolis and st.Louis, Faulk rushed for 12, 279 yards and had 767 receptions for 6, 875 yards to goal along with 136 combined touchdowns.Faulk was elusive, durable and versatile and richardson would love to follow in his footsteps. "I'm trying to get to where he is today,"Richardson said.Richardson has another hall of fame mentor inJim brown, who is back working as an adviser with his former team. "It's big having him out here at practice,"Richardson said.Him, me andJim brown on the same field, that's a powerful field.That's a strong moment to have both of them on the field at the same time. "It's interesting that Faulk and brown(12, 321)Are only separated by33 yards on the career rushing chart.Richardson wears no.33.Richardson first met Faulk at the nfl combine a few years ago and the two have stayed in touch since.But even before he got to know Faulk, richardson studied the former star, hoping to pick up something he could use to make his game better. "I learned a lot from marshall as far as watching film on him,"Said richardson, who arrived at camp about 10 pounds lighter than he was last season. "When we were at alabama, we used to watch a lot of film on marshall.I still study a lot of his game, go back and watch a lot of his film on certain stuff that he do.And i give him phone calls every now and again and ask him what i need to do better, what i need to work hard on. "Faulk believes richardson has everything he needs to succeed. "Yeah, it's there,"He said. "You saw it in college.It's the reason that in a league that they're starting to kind of devalue the position, he gets drafted so early.He's never shied away from asking questions or letting you know what he don't know because he understands that the things that you don't know when you find them out, it makes it easier to become great. "Following practice, richardson and Faulk filmed a segment together on the field.Richardson, who had 51 catches last season, got some tips on running pass routes from Faulk, who was a nightmare for any linebacker or defensive back to cover when he came out of the backfield.Faulk showed richardson than finer points on a quick route he mastered. "He calls it the"Faulk"Route but a lot of people call in the `angle' route,"Richardson said. "He was like the king of it, he's still the king of it.I haven't seen nobody run it like him. "Faulk knows the key for richardson to attain his goals is to stay on the field.No back has ever broken records or transformed a franchise while standing on the sideline.Richardson showed remarkable toughness last year while playing with his ribs cracked, and there will be moments ahead when he'll have to fight through pain to gain yards. "The position is one that's it's not about how healthy you are,"Faulk said. "It's how unhealthy you can play at times, and that's what being reliable at the position is.He's thirsty to <b><a href=>cheap nike nfl jerseys</a></b> notJust get yards and be a good player, but he wants to be great and he wants to win.He's a breath of fresh air with the mindset that he has and notJust after having a good rookie season, being happy with it that he did hisJob. "He understands what needs to happen in order for him to be great. "Richardson has all the physical tools, and there's one characteristic faulk that he wants. "Marshall wasn't that big, but he was that guy on the field that everybody feared,"He said. "When i get on that field i want everybody to fear me. "Notes:WrJosh gordon sat out his second straight practice with patellar tendinitis in his knee.Browns coach rob chudzinski said he expects gordon to return in a few days.Gordon did not undergo an mri.Safety t.J. Ward sat out part of practice with a strained hamstring andSafety tashaun Gipson missed his second straight workout with a strained shoulder. QB Brandon Weeden smacked his throwing hand onJabaal Sheard's helmet but stayed on the field and threw a gorgeous, 40-yard touchdown to TEJordan Cameron.Nfl commissioner roger goodell will visit browns camp on thursday.</p>
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<p>"My first 2 years <as>an assistant in the early '70s] with the rams, we <b><a href=>wholesale nfl football jerseys</a></b> never took the pads off during the season,"Vermeil said. "If all these nflpa rules were the best way to coach a team, the landrys, the gibbs, the belichicks and the parcells, the bud grants, would have been doing it that way a long time ago.But the game is to a point now where i think you can keep it going at the level that the other style brought it to, and brought the fans into the stadium and everything else. "</p>
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